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Alan Glover is the president of Pro Aging, Inc.

Alan has been the director of Age Management and Aesthetics since 2004, regularly attends training and classes at the A4M (American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine) as well as the IHS (International Hormone Society). After many years of diligent work and study, in August 2015 he and Brenda van Loggem opened Pro Age Medical & Aestehtics in Newport Beach. His goal was (is) to continue to help friends and patrons improve their health and lifestyle through the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therpay (BHRT) and aesthetic practices. His aquired business expertise allows him to provide an environment for the practitioners to excell in BHRT and Aestehtics, provide excellent health care for their patients while maintaining a relatively low cost to the patient.

Alan spends his days at the office consulting with patients and maintaining the day to day operations of the practice. In his time away from the office, if he is not attending classes or training, you can typically find him endlessly exercising his Black Mouth Cur (BMC) puppy in the local hills or mountains.

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Alan is also the proud father of his daughter Nicole and his two grand daughters (so far).

Alan can usually be reached for questions or concerns at the office at (949) 517-0600.