Brenda van Loggem, MSN RNP Brenda van Loggem


Brenda van Loggem RNP, MSN, BC has been extremely sought after in the field of age management and aesthetic medicine. Brenda is a native New Yorker and has a master’s degree in Geriatrics from Columbia University, N.Y. She went on to achieve her post master’s degree in Holistic Nursing. Her interest and curiosity in the evolving science of restorative medicine has led her into this career path. Brenda van Loggem brings a wealth of experience from treating acute and chronic illnesses using traditional medicine and integrates this skill into the age management concept of illness prevention and health optimization. Brenda van Loggem practices a holistic approach to care through hormone optimization, pharmaceutical grade supplementation, nutrition and lifestyle counseling and well customized programs. Brenda is fellowship trained by the A4M (American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine) and has completed hundreds of hours on specialized hormone related training.

Brenda van Loggem also has the ability to transform medicine into artistry. She was one of the pioneers who combined these two applications of medicine: (Age Management and Medical Aesthetics). She has over 10 years of experience in cosmetic procedures (botox, dermal fillers and lasers), and continues to hone her skills in the latest medical aesthetic treatments. Aesthetic medicine is unique within healthcare in that it requires artistry on the part of the practitioner and recognition that each patient has specific individualized aesthetic goals. Careful communication ensures that she exceeds patient’s expectations. She is known for offering her patients stunning, natural looking results with a gentle touch.

Brenda van Loggem's Mission
Brenda’s mission is simple: To educate her patients and to make every person who walks through the door feel cared for. She empowers her patients through knowledge and together with the patient comes up with a customized plan to meet their individual needs. Her personal reward is changing people’s lives and seeing the joy and confidence it brings to them!

When Brenda is not at the office or furthering her skills, she is pursuing her other passions which include stone carving and hiking with her 2 rescue dogs Cookie & Diva.