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HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) is it right for me?

Posted on 08/09/2016 


Many of our patients ask "should I take hcg (human chorionic gonadotropin), I am taking testosterone, so do I need it or will it benefit me?"

HCG or human chorionic gonadotropin is not an illegal steroid and it is not growth hormone or testosterone. It is a natural glycopeptide hormone. Its on label use is for fertility treatment in both men and women. For men it is primarily used to stimulate the testes to produce more testosterone.

To elaborate on why we might recomend HCG for our patients (with or without testosterone replacement therapy) it is necessary to describe why some men may seek treatment. Starting in the late 20's to early 30's mens testosterone levels begin to decline, their production simply decreases. Research has shown that it can decline between 1 to 3 percent each year. There are many factors that cause the decline, such as depreciated exercise, diet, heredity, genes the list goes on. But rest assured it happens to everyone. Some men will start to notice the decline earlier then others, with symptoms such as reduced energy, loss of libido, weaker erections, short-term memory recall and an increased waistline. These men are still active, may have a family but are noticing that it is increasingly difficult to work, spend time with the family or signigicant other, exercise regularly and maintain a somewhat healthy diet. So they decide to seek help (hoefully from and experienced provider) such as Pro Age Medical & Aestehtics.

We start by getting some diagnostic tests, serum blood tests and a detailed recollection of the symptoms that you are experiencing. Once you have had a thorough initial evaluation the practitioner by recommend Testosterone (TRT) therapy or HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin or a combination of both.

HCG mimics lutenizing hormone (LH) which stimulates testosterone production, thus encouraging your body to "ramp up" testosterone production. A 50 year old man who seeks our help comes in with a total testosterone level of 550 and a free testosterone level of 125, we will discuss his goals and expectations and we may start the patient on a HCG regimen and monitor his progress. Under normal circumstances with proper exercise and diet, this may increase his testosterone levels to acceptable values and be sufficient for him to ascertain his personal goals and expectations.

Now, the same 50 year old patient comes in with a total testosterone of 230 (more likely) and a free testosterone of 40 (once again more likely), having the same goals and expectations, the practitioner would probably recommend TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) with HCG. The TRT would increase total testosterone to levels that are acceptable to meet or exceed goals and expectations. The HCG would encourage his testicles to increase their standard production and offset some of the depreciation of testosterone production caused by the supplementation of testosterone (TRT).

Benefits of TRT & HCG supplementation:

  • Improved Body Composition: Reduced belly/fat and more muscle are common. A UCLA study published in theJournal of Clinical Endocinology & Metabolism, men who were recipients of TRT added 4.3 pounds of muscle in 6 months, and 6.5 pounds over 18 months. The improved body composition helps you metabolize sugar better and may help reverse insulin resistance.
  • Bone Strength: When men are treated with TRT (testosterone) their bone mineral density increases, especially in their hips and spine. Osteoporosis is no longer just considered a women's disease, in fact four out of 10 fractures due to brittle bones after the age of 50 occur in men.
  • Better Sexual Function: In a review of more than 15 studies in the journal Clinical Endocrinology, researchers found that an average of three months of TRT (testosterone supplementation) boosted libido, increased the frequency of sex, and triggered more nocturnal spontaneous erections.
  • A Healthier Cardiovascular System: Many studies have found low testosterone levels in men with heart disease or with its risk factors, suggesting that Testosterone may play an important role in cardiovascular function. Testosterone may help keep arteries flexible, allowing them to dialate and constrict with changes in bloodflow.

Currently there are over 5 million men in the United States that have been diagnosed with Low Testosterone, A study in the International Journal of Clinical Practice estimates another 12.5 million men in the United States have hormone deficiency but are not currently receiving treatment.

Fears, Myths and concerns:

In a 2011 study published in Journal of Urology, with untreated prostate cancer who were also on TRT (testosterone replacement therapy) for an average of two and a half years. After a year of monitoring, they found no signs of prostate cancer growth or worsening of symptoms.

Reduced Sperm Production: The testes need to generate their own testosterone to make sperm; supplemental testosterone can suppress this natural production, which may be a concern in younger men who want to become fathers. (HCG may help regulate natural sperm production and help maintain testicular volume).

Higher Red Blood Cell Concentration: This may be good for athletic endurance, but it can thicken the blood, which may produce clots - one more reason that a man's blood needs to be tested regularly during treatment.

In most cases, the benefits certainly out weigh the negative. However, it is essential that your testosterone supplementation be monitored by an experienced practitioner.


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