JUVÉDERM Ultra and Ultra Plus® XC

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Juvederm Brenda van Loggem Pro Age Medical & Aesthetics

Juvederm is a soft clear gel filler that your practitioner uses to instantly smooth away wrinkles and fine lines. Some areas that can be treated are around the mouth and nose. It can also be used to augment lips and correct under eye hollowing. Lidocaine is added to the syringe to enhance comfort during treatment. Everyone’s skin ages differently and Juvederm can be used to rejuvenate and correct many problem areas. Juvederm Ultra XC is long lasting up to a year. This product is used for more fine lines and wrinkles whereas Juvederm Ultra Plus XC is used for deeper folds, fuller lips and areas of the upper face. Both of these products are extremely safe and can be dissolved if needed. .


Parentheses have a place-

but not on you face

Over time, your skin loses elasticity and moisture, which contributes to moderate to severe parentheses lines and wrinkles around the nose and mouth. While serums and creams can help moisturize the skin’s surface, JUVÉDERM® XC adds volume to smooth these lines and folds, to help give you the natural-looking, long-lasting results you want.


Juvederm Ultra Pro Age MedicalWhen treated again after 1 year, patients needed less product to achieve their results.


Natural-looking lips

that last

Whether you’ve noticed your lips thinning over time, or simply want fuller lips, JUVÉDERM® Ultra XC can give you natural-looking results that last.


Juvederm Ultra at Pro Age 78% (58/74) of people treated experienced improvement in satisfaction with the look and feel of their lips 1 year later.
When treated again after 1 year, patients needed less product to achieve their results.






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