All of our practitioners and staff are highly trained and offer years of experience in their respective fields.
Pro Age Pro Age Medical & Aesthetics offers a multitude of laser and broadband light procedures. We have a number of "modalities" to ensure your needs are met. Depending on your needs and your skin type we offer the 1319, 1064 or 2940NM laser modalities not to mention the ultra wide spectrum of 420, 515, 560, 640, 695 and ST filter for the BBL/IPL (Broadband light).
If you are in need of full resurfacing or just want to come in for you monthly FotoFacial, we can accomodate your needs.
  • FotoFacial
    • Face
    • Neck
    • Decollete (Chest)
    • Arms
    • Legs
  • SkinTyte
  • LaserPeel
    • Arcitc Peel (8-15 microns)
    • MicroLaserPeel (16-39 microns)
  • Full Resurfacing
    • 40-69 microns
    • 70-99 microns
    • 100-150 microns

Our Track Record

Customer satisfaction is our goal. Listening to our customers has improved our customer loyalty and created a larger customer base with increased activity. Reducing service failures, lowered operating costs and enhanced employee performance are our goals. We strive to meet or beat our customers goals.